Day 439: Back at It!

Madison has bounced back and is feeling much better. She had a good sleep in and played around the house this morning instead of school. She went to Grandview this afternoon for her weekly physio session with Kate. They worked on her walking, squating to stand and climbing. They also did lots of core exercises to work on her abs. 

After physio, Madison stayed at Grandview to check in with her OT Kathy. Madison has not received OT in almost a year. The check in was to assess her fine motor skills, specifically her “school readiness” skills. Madison is still 16 months away from starting kindergarten, but everyone wants to take a proactive approach to teaching her the skills she will need for school as some of the skills may take time. Madison’s upper body tone has gradually reduced since she was born and now she has very good control of it so it does not prevent her from doing everyday things in her life right now. With some specific skills like using scissors, threading and using a marker to make small lines or circles, Madison has to work on learning to control her tone and relax her arms and hands to get more control over what she is doing. She also needs to work on smoother movements with her hands as right now they can be jerky at times. Madison will start a block of OT shortly to work on school specific skills and learning how to dress herself.

It was also recommended to purchase two items to help with her independence at home. She will be getting hand rails to go around the toilet for potty training and a rail in the bath tub to get in and out.

2 thoughts on “Day 439: Back at It!”

  1. Love this post. I will need to ask about the things for the toilet and bathtub aswell. Are they both toddler size ???


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