Day 438: Stiff as a Board

Madison is on day #4 of her cold. She is starting to bounce back but her leg muscles are extremely stiff. Today she had a very difficult time with her motor planning. She usually can get off the couch or climb up and down the stairs with no issues but today she needed lots of help. She had little to no strength and energy and ended up having a nap for 4 hours. The hardest part of her day was dealing with muscle spasms. Mommy kept making Madison drink lots of water and juice to help. Her feet needed to be massaged a bunch today. Her sore muscles don’t usually bother her, but today it was all she could talk about and brought her to tears a few times. It’s days like today that we all hate CP. It’s also days like today that Madison is becoming more aware of things that are challenging for her. She is extremely smart and knows what is going on. Mommy and Daddy have an appointment coming up with their social worker to discuss ways of talking to Madison about cerebral palsy and all the questions and conversations that will be coming very soon. 

Madison said that the one good part about being sick was that she could be at home durging the day with Mommy and Jack. Lots of germs were being shared today. 


While Mommy was making dinner Madi visited with Pam who gave her a very cool book. It’s called “the girl who lost her name” and Madison’s name is all throughout the story. She loved reading it at bath time tonight. Thank you Pam, Medford, Nicole and Jamie. It was a perfect way to cheer her up at the end of her day. 

Madison also had a short visit from Emily. They worked in the basement for about an hour to try and be active to loosen up her muscles before bed. They did lots of stretching in her gators which really helped stretch out her hamstrings and behind her knees. Madison has new gators that are currently being made to better fit her growing legs. They will be blue with ballerinas all over them. We should have them next week. 

Mommy is researching the Anat Baniel Method for therapy that Madison might try this summer once school is done. The book was delivered today and her review will be shared over the next week…stay tuned.

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