Day 429: New Vehicle=New Possibilities

Madison and Jack played with Pam and Medford this morning while Mommy and Daddy drove to Cobourg to pick up the new family van. Madison played with her favourite pink ball and helped Medford fill the bird feeder for the birds watching in the trees. Madison did a great job walking to their house and back in her walker.

Mommy and Daddy brought home the new family van this morning. The van will provide endless possibilities not only for the family, but for Madison and whatever her needs will be. There is plenty of room to safely and securely fit both her walkers, her canes and the stroller. There is room for other passengers as well as the two car seats. The door is lower on the sides where Madison can enter. With a step stool she will be able to enter and exit independently. There are also plenty of tie down hooks on the floor for any other equipment she may need in the future.

Before bed, Madison read herself some books in her new floor chair. She has been using it to sit with straight legs to get a good stretch before bed.

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