Day 428: Friday Physio Fun!

Madison had a great morning at school! Her and her classmates are learning about the grocery store. They have play food and shopping set ups they have been using at school and Madison has been using a toy grocery cart to practice her walking. Next week Madison will be going on a field trip to the local grocery store to go shopping and pick out food with her friends.  

After school Madison went to Nana’s. On the way her and Suzanne spotted a pink door on a house. Madison told Suzanne it was her favourite so they stopped to take a picture in front of it.

Madison had a great lunch and nap at Nana’s house. Papa went for a visit and they all had a good play. It was then time to go see Stephanie at Variety Village

Madison had an awsome session with Stephanie. They worked on walking for the whole hour. Madison walked with Stephanie all the way from her room to the cardio room, walked on the treadmill and then walked back. She took several independent steps that Mommy was so happy and excited to see. Madison continues to work hard and push herself in all of her therapies which is so great to see. Her next Botox has been scheduled for the second week of May. This next round could be a really exciting time if all things keep moving forward with this momentum…stay tuned.

Madison walked in her walker all the way out of the building and through the parking lot to the car all by herself.

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