Day 412: Joe!

After a great morning at school, Madison headed north to have a visit with her horse Joe. She was still feeling under the weather so she only lasted about 20 minutes before it was time to get off Joe and head to his stables to give him an apple. Her therapist and volunteers have been teaching Madison about Joe. What he likes to eat, how he moves and the different parts of him like his tail and mane to help her build a relationship with him. They also have been using mirrors so Madison can see how she sits on him and the posture she is to have to help build her core strength. Madison was happy to have Pam and Medford meet Joe and watch her ride. Thanks Pam and Medford, Madison loved having you watch! It was a cold session with Joe today so hopefully this will be the last of the snow and they can have more rides outdoors together in the sun. 


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