Day 411: Goals

Madison has been under the weather, but gave it her best go at Grandview today to help set new goals. With a new block started for the next 8-10 weeks Madison will be focused on the following with Kate: to assist with independence in potty training they will work on moving from a crawling position to squating to standing next to the potty followed by turning while standing and then squaring to sit down on the potty. They will also work on lifting high knees to climb and pull up to help her better get into her own bed herself. An ongoing goal will be independent standing as well as walking. It was also decided that she will be receiving her second round of Botox in a few weeks – her first round that happened in December has now worn off and she is in need of a new set of injections that will be in the same muscle groups as before – her hamstrings and calf muscles. 


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