Day 371: Last Class

Madison had her last winter class with Monika at March of Dimes today. She built a tower of blocks while lying straight on her tummy, practiced walking with a shopping cart and practiced straddle sitting. We are going to have Madison do straddle sitting at home to help loosen her inner thigh muscles and to work on her core by sitting upright. We have a bolster roller she will use for this. At the end of her class she cut up bananas and strawberries and pushed them on a kabob stick following the same colour pattern that was on the block tower she built. Jack went to her class to meet Monika and cheer his big sister on. It was a fantastic winter session – thank you Monika!! And thank you Janine and Suzanne for taking her each week.

Madison also handed in her registration forms for summer camp at March of Dimes today. Forms are due by the 18th of March. If you have a little one interested in conductive ed camp with Madison, send me a message and I’ll send the dates she will be attending.


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