Day 370: Subway Star!

Today Madison was spotted on posters in various subway stations all over downtown Toronto. She is helping spread the word for a dodge ball fundraising event benefiting March of Dimes and conductive education.  The event is at the end of March. Google search ‘Dodge for Dimes’ if you are interested. We are hoping to get our hands on one of the large posters when the campaign is finished for Madison’s special keepsake box.


Madison’s physio Stephanie found a great push cart that they tried out today.  She bought it from Ikea for $30, toys and items can go in the box, it’s wooden and the wheels can adjust resistance which is perfect for a little one learning to walk. Madison did her best ever walking with it. Her endurance and stability was incredible! She walked three quarters of the 200m track independently in her new AFO’S which provided excellent support.


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