Day 343: School Visit

Madison had a great afternoon with her Aunts Janine and Suzanne. They took her to March of Dimes where Madison worked on her standing balance while twisting and reaching for rings with her hands. She stretched out her shoulders by lifting a bar up and down above her head and practiced sitting down on a bench all by herself.


After MOD Madison went to Nana and Papa’s house for dinner while Mommy and Daddy visited Madison’s school for a parent meeting. Nana and Papa took Madison home, played and went to bed after being silly eating socks,  singing lots of songs and chasing Carter and Stitch up and down the stairs.  Mommy and Daddy were happy to hear that Madison ate broccoli and cauliflower which is not a normal food choice for her and she also went straight to bed – no funny business.


Mommy and Daddy visited Madison’s school to learn about the transition to kindergarten. They listened to a panel of parents who have a child with special needs talk about their own experiences of looking for the right school, all the steps involved in enrollment and school meetings and how to start preparing for the transition. A Kindergarten teacher also presented on full day kindergarten and all the possible ways it can look for a child with special needs.  It was very helpful to hear the different experiences and next steps to take in making decisions of what will be best for Madison. The hard decision lies in either choosing a specialized school that will focus on therapy during the day and then taking part in social oppertunities at night or the weekend or integrating into a regular kindergarten class for the social importance and curriculum during the day and continuing private therapy at night and on weekends. The first step for Mommy and Daddy will be to book some tours. They will visit both the Catholic and Public home schools in the area and visit the Bloorview school and Cambell’s school. The tours will most likely be in March as Madison’s brother should be making his debut any day now.

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