Day 342: pizza!

Madison has enjoyed reading about pizza at school this week during story time. Today her and her class made pizza and Madison told us she ate 5 pieces!  It’s been a lot of fun to hear Madison talk about her days at school, what they read, who she plays with – her memory is fantastic!

After school Madison spent her afternoon with Nana. She had a nap, some lunch and then played with her babies and read books. Papa took a break from work and stopped by for a dance.


Madison worked on lots of standing today with Stephanie.  She also did a fantastic job transitioning from standing, to squating to pick something up and then back to standing. She has been putting lots of thought into her movements and trying to check her balance before moving on.


After some hard work at Variety Village Madison visited with Pam and Medford for dinner. She had her favourite meal, loved drinking her water with a straw and had lots of laughs. She was playing tricks with her bunny hat that had everyone laughing. 

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