Day 296: Family Date Night!

Tonight Madison had family date night! She went to the Bubble Guppies Live Show and then out for dinner. When she got to the General Motors Centre she was very excited to see pictures of the Bubble Guppies everywhere. The seats were excellent! She wasn’t too sure when the show started what was happenning and for the first minute when all the other thousands of toddlers were screaming and clapping she was a bit scared. But after a minute or so she was very happy and excited and loved every part.  She called out all of their names over and over and waved hi, danced in her seat amd clapped her hands. It was so much fun to see how into it she was and how much she loved it and it was even more fun to do something as a family that didn’t involve appointments or therapy – just regular fun stuff toddlers like to do.


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