Day 295: Teaching Oppertunities

Madison loves driving around and looking at all the different lights and snowman and Santa’s on people’s lawns. Suzanne took a scenic route on their drive home today from school. She found Madison a street with super large Santa’s on everyone’s lawns. Madison loved it!


Madison spent her afternoon with Nana. She had a great nap and made a gingerbread house. When Mommy and Daddy picked her up she told us how she made the house. She said, icing then candy. She loved eating the candy.

After spending the afternoon with Nana, Madison headed to physio with Stephanie at VV. Madison had a special visitor at physio today.  Emily went to learn from Stephanie and see Madison in action. We were appreciative to Stephanie for teaching Emily and guiding her through all the steps of exercises she does with Madison. Mommy and Daddy learnt alot too so it was a great teaching oppertunity for everyone. Madison also tried knee gators which are braces on her legs to keep her legs straight to get a good stretch. She wasn’t a big fan but she entertained us and gave them a try. She did some good walking, good sitting and listened well to all of Stephanie’s prompts.


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