Day 278: Snow Day!

Madison and Daddy left for school at their regular time just like any other day. The problem was that most of the city had not put on their snow tires as of yet and with many road closures and icy roads they decided to head back home after driving for over an hour and only getting about 6km down the road. That meant a snow day! When Mommy woke up everyone went to the mall to visit with Santa. Madison was a little nervous but did much better then last year. No tears!


After her visit with Santa, Madison headed home for a long nap. Later in the day she went to visit Kate at Grandview for some physio. She worked for an entire hour non stop and did a fantastic job. She worked on wall standing, walking up and down a ramp, walking on the treadmill and using the Kaye walker.


Madison using her Kaye Walker

Madison reading with Mommy in the bath. She loves to finish each sentence in her baby book about being a big sister.

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