Day 277: Marvelous Monday!

Today was a marvelous Monday and Madison had alot to celebrate and be thankful for today.


Madison’s day started bright and early with a DNA swab test. As mentioned in a previous post – Madison is taking part in a research study with Sick Kids, Bloorview and Grandview. Part of the study is collecting saliva from her and her parents to look at family DNA in connection with CP. We had to collect the samples prior to eating or drinking anything, so the swabs were taken at 7am this morning. We are hoping from the study they will be able to know more about possible causes for CP, risk factors and other treatment options to help other families that are on a similar path as us.



Madison then ate a big breakfast and was off to school for the morning. Funny enough, the theme at school this week is Doctors! When she got home we headed to Grandview for a visit with Dr.Hunt who is a Developmental Pediatrician on the research team with CP-NET and the research study. We handed over the saliva kits, our many pages and packages of surveys and forms and got ready for Madison’s assessment. Dr. Hunt did a variety of physical tests with Madison including vision, hearing and joint reflex ‘ s. She asked a bunch of questions of Madison’s journey dating back to birth and watched her play and move. She said she was able to submit many notes from her observations and after 40 minutes Madison was done. We now have a few more forms to fill out and to transfer her MRi results once those become available and then we will be back in front of the research team when Madison turns 7.



After Grandview was a quick dinner and then Madison’s new friend Emily popped by the house for some physio fun in the basement. They practiced sitting to standing and throwing balls at Stitch, walking with the push popping toy, stepping up and down off a stool while playing with the play kitchen and lots of other fun activities including practicing with her walker. Madison loves her time with Emily and we are very happy and appreciative to have the help and more time put towards her different physio goals.


While Madison and Emily played together, Mommy attended the final meeting for the Mike Gregoire Memorial Golf Tournament. Tonight was the presentation of the cheque for Madison’s Rehabilitation Fund. Mommy was so overwealmed with the generosity of the cheque she balled her eyes out and was in shock. Madison is very lucky to have so many family and friends who care so much about her and her well being and we are extremly grateful for the oppertunities that the golf tournament will provide for Madison.Thank you again to Lisa, Jessica, Pat and the entire organizing committee for thinking of Madison and helping us give her whatever she will continue to need to be successful and continue making progress. In the short term- the generous donation will help Madison receive her botox next week, allow her to expand the amount of physiotherapy following the botox and to look at accessing a new walker and continuing with all her other therapies this year. Thank you again to everyone who participated and attended the event and to everyone who made donations to the event, silent auction and door prizes. We are very blessed to have so many amazing people who continue to cheer on our little peanut.

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