Day 52: Essential Oils!

Not all, but many kids with CP take many medications throughout their life to manage things like muscle pain, stiffness or spasms, seizures or constipation. Madison is not at the point of needing all these things just yet but we have decided to be preventative of muscle issues and add a little essential oils regime to her life.

Madison has already used essential oils such as breath when she has colds in her humidifier, lavender and serenity when she is having sleep issues, on guard and deep blue on her muscles Etc. Etc. But we are trying some new mixtures specifically to target muscle stiffness/pain and constipation. Today I met with a friend if mine Theresa who helped me with research of the best ways to work with oils for Madison. We will be trying things like cedarwood, Frankensence, white fur, balance and a few others. We are excited to add this to Madison’s daily care. We will let you know how it goes. If you are a parent looking for specific mixtures of this kind for your kids, let me know and I’ll send you a list or put you into contact with Theresa.

While I was coaching this morning and visiting Theresa, Madison spent the morning with Nana and Grampa.

Guest post from Grampa Gregoire:

“Madison was a big help today with Nana and Grampa. Madison came over early today to help Nana with her TPN. Madison held the line while Grampa changed it. She held the pump for Nana as well. Once we were all done Madison, Nana and Grampa went out for breakfast.”

Madison helping with Nana ‘ s TPN cord


Madison helping with Nana ‘ s pack




Selfie with Grampa’s phone!


The Beacher for breakfast


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