Day 51: We Love Saturday!

Madison was up bright and early ready to play with Stitch.  She’s now figured out that if she shakes something Stitch will attack it. Today’s choice of toy was a balloon. It ended up being great exercise for both…Stitch running and jumping and Madi in her 4 point position.


Madi then played with her new bubble machine that the easter bunny brought her. Madison’s therapist uses bubbles during her sessions to motivate her to do different things or to distract her. We have been using them at home to get her to reach her hands up to pop them while in a crawling position. This will improve her balance, strengthen her core and eventually give her the strength to sit up on her knees unassisted…and bubbles are fun to pop- we love bubbles!!



She enjoyed her evening at Nana & Grampa’s and hanging out with Uncle Mark and Nate. She went to check out a new sparkly kitchen, then ate pizza and watched birds while Mommy and Daddy helped stuff envelopes.


Nice photo bomb Grampa!

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