Day 18: Cookie love

This picture of cookie monster says it all:


Today was one of those days. For whatever reason I often caught myself thinking negatively about life, playing the “what if” game…or even worse- thinking of all the things in life that are going to be hard for Madison and that she may not be able to do. I know these types of thoughts are all a part of the process and to not beat myself up over them…but they still happen and it sucks.

It’s important to me in those sad moments to find the good in what is challenging. That’s how things can turn around.  A big challenge for Madison is being able to move in a way she wants to, but currently can’t – but what she is so good at right now is her fine motor control. So I decided to pick an activity for us to do together to build on her strengths and something to make me feel more positive. So we baked cookies!

I rolled the dough and Madison individually picked out what mini eggs she wanted to use out of James’ massive bag of chocolate.  She then decorated the tops of each cookie by pushing the eggs into the dough. It was awsome to see her do it so well and to eat a plate full of warm cookies!





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  1. Christina

    Enjoyed reading about this! What a fun activity for you and Madison! She’s the cutest little baker! I’m sure, too, that Stitch’s close supervision was much appreciated – lol!
    Also loved the quote from Cookie Monster – wonderful mindful meditation! I’m going to practice this…


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