Day 17: Shoes!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”– Marilyn Monroe

I consider myself a pretty good shopper and I’m always looking for a good deal. I love the challenge to find the sale but now the anti of the challenge has been raised.

Finding shoes for Madison that fit with her AFO’S is quite the challenge. For other parents new to the process, you want the shoe to be deep (sole can pop out)  and to have a supportive heel, stretchy elastic laces or long enough velcro strap and a bit of a flexible back so the 90 degree AFO’S can be wiggled in. BUT…I also want them to be cute…fashionable…stylish….girly. As of this morning Madison has been using her Nike running shoes that have been working great, but I decided to go on a mission to find her shoes that she can wear with a dress or cute outfit and shoes for outside at daycare.

I decided to look for a sale to guide the process lol. Carters/Osh Kosh had 25% off this weekend so I went.

If you are also on the hunt for shoes that fit your child with AFO’s here’s my tip: bring the AFO’S and not your child!

Here is the first pile of shoes I put her AFO’S in to test them out.


The biggest problem seemed to be the length of velcro. But I was able to find two pairs! A dressy pair and an outdoor pair!

The crazy part of the shop was the women who helped me. I piled about 20 pairs of shoes at the cash and she thought I was buying all of them. Lol. I then took Madison’s AFO’S out of my bag and said I needed a few minutes to try them in all the shoes/sandles. She then asked if my daughter had twisted ankles. I told her about Madison having CP and she apologized and explained that her sister had twisted ankles when they were young and used AFO’S and knew about the challenges of having to find shoes – she said she use to help her sister go shoe shopping all the time – what are the odds that this was the women at the store helping me find shoes for Madison! I was overwealmed at the beginning but it ended up being a great experience.

The winners!


These are for outside and on the playground at daycare once the snow melts!



These are for fun days in dresses! They are a little big but will work.


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  1. Mary-Lou

    I am really impressed with your blog Katherine. I appreciate being able to read about the journey Madison, you and James are on.


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