Day 1,209:VVAC Athletic Banquet


Madison attended the VVAC Athletic Banquet on Thursday night with her teammates from the Flames Swim Team. All teams at Variety Village were in attendance to celebrate athletic accomplishments from the 2018-2019 season. We were thrilled to watch Madison receive the Mike Devine Memorial award for her accomplishments in the pool this year, all her hard work and never giving up! We feel very blessed that Madison has such an amazing community that celebrates who she is and provides amazing opportunities with para sport.





Here’s what else Madison and Jack have been up to:


One thought on “Day 1,209:VVAC Athletic Banquet”

  1. You guys have been a lot busier than me. Love the photos and specially the one close to the end with Madi and little fella. (forgot his name).
    Keep up the good work Madi.


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