Day 1,180: From Snow to Pool


Madison had an amazing day and we are so proud of her!

She had her first day of skiing with the CADS program at Brimacombe. Madi’s friend Taylor has been involved with the program for years so Madison was thrilled that she could join something that Taylor loves. Madison’s instructor and volunteers were amazing! They were patient, caring and lots of fun. They did a great job figuring out the equipment and how to personalize it for Madison. She was on the hill for 90 minutes! Madison had the option to stop or take breaks and she just kept going – she didn’t want to stop! She worked so hard and was exhausted but loved it!





Jack and Aunt Emily had a great morning together building his new race car track and playing in the basement. He was sad to miss skiing but had a blast with Aunt Emily and will join Madi on the hill next week.


After some lunch and some down time, Madison and Jack headed to Variety Village for a swim! Madison worked with Ryan today and Janet from Swimming Canada who was able to get an update on the program and see how Madison and all the other swimmers have been progressing.


Madison and Jack had a busy weekend but it was great to keep active during the cold weather by doing things as a family and trying new things!

One thought on “Day 1,180: From Snow to Pool”

  1. SUPER photos as always!
    What a fantastic adventure for Madison. She’s such a high energy girl! She looks thrilled to be skiing and loving all her activities.
    Jack’s quite the explorer trying new things, too.
    Two super kids! Two super parents! Super extended supportive family! And it’s only partway through January of the new year. WOW.


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