Day 1,178: Steroid Update

Today was officially whacky Wednesday…. so much going on… and of course, Madi was a champ.


Madison’s day started with an appointment with her Nephrologist Dr Wong. Her Nephrotic Syndrome is back in full force sadly. The last few days have been some of her highest test readings but the good news is it was much lower this morning. She has to be on her steroids for at least the next month and will be checking back at the hospital in a few weeks.

Once she was done at the hospital she went straight to school. Madison was happy to report she had library today and guided reading with her teacher – she loves school days full of books and reading!

After school Nana picked her up and they headed to Grandview to work with Kate. Madison started a new PT block that will go every week until March. Kate did some measurements to see how Madison is doing and they also did some walking on the treadmill, stretches and strengthening. Kate was very happy with the measurements Madison has maintained, particularly with her ankles.



After a great PT session Madison headed home for some dinner and then had dance class! Madison has changed her dance day from Saturday’s now that her weekend activities/therapies have changed. She really enjoyed her class and loved her new teacher.

2 thoughts on “Day 1,178: Steroid Update”

  1. What a busy kiddo! Hope the steroids do their job. We have a grandchild who needs to go on them periodically. Not always fun for him. Sending best wishes, hugs and love.


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