Day 1,176: Wow, What a Day!

Madison had quite the busy day.

It started off relaxing with a stretch session at home and then a trip to see Shannon for a massage.


She then went home to meet up with Claire for a physio session. They did good work together practicing the stairs, squats, side leg lifts to build hip strength and some walking.


After her physio session, Madi headed to the mall. She was super excited to go to her favourite store Justice! She shopped with her Christmas gift card from Aunt Nadia & Uncle Mark. She picked out some hair accessories and a water bottle.


While she was shopping, Mommy heard back from Madi’s Nephrologist. Madison has been battling a cold this last week, has become a bit swollen and has low energy. We started testing her urine to see if she was spilling protein and the tests have been inconsistent. Her doctor asked us to swing by the hospital to do his own test. Madi left the mall and went to the hospital. After a quick test she headed home to play with her brother. Later on her doctor called back and confirmed the positive test – Madison’s nephrotic syndrome has relapsed after over a year of being in remission. She starts a round of steroids tomorrow and will go back to the hospital Wednesday. Her doctor dosed it high with the hopes she can rebound quick. Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Day 1,176: Wow, What a Day!”

  1. I’ll say that was a busy day …. my fingers are also crossed that the meds work quickly….good luck on
    Love, Betty.


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