Day 1,141: Madison is 5!

Five years ago we became parents.


I was getting ready for work when my water broke. I was 32 weeks pregnant, went to the hospital in denial thinking they would tell us a solution to stop labour, send me home and rest. We stayed.  18 hours later Madison was born. 4 pounds, 4 ounces – tiny and mighty. Madison stayed in the NICU for one month and then we got to bring her home!


Madison has brought more joy to our lives then we ever thought possible. She is beautiful and brilliant and knows how to make you laugh. She is a loving, kind big sister and is always wanting to be by her brothers side. We are so grateful for how determined she is to move every mountain in front of her.

She was thrilled to spend her birthday at school today. She heard her name over the morning announcements, got to pick a prize from the treasure box and had cupcakes with her class.

After school Madison went to Crockadoodle to make a birthday hand print tile. She then spent the evening playing with Jack, having a special birthday dinner, eating cake and opening presents!


Thank you for all the messages and well wishes

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