Day 1,128: Appointments!

Madi took a day off camp today to catch up on some appointments and to get started on some 1:1 physio time.

First up was a visit to her nephrologist Dr Wong to go over how her surgery went and to see how she’s responded… no protein spilling and clear pee makes for a great visit!


Madi then went to Grandview to see her physio Kate. They haven’t worked with each other since the end of April so it was great to catch up and Kate was very happy with how Madi was doing. They played lots of fun games while working on sit to stand, side stepping, wiggling her feet and toes and some walking!



After a nice lunch and some quiet time, another PT’s of Madi’s, Claire came to the house to do some work. We have scheduled lots of 1:1 stuff daily over the next few weeks but with lots of breaks and smaller bursts to help her gradually work back to where she was before surgery and build endurance. They did lots of great work together and had some good laughs! It’s so nice seeing Madi enjoying her new legs.



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