Day 1,115: Wacky Wednesday

I usually pride myself on my scheduling abilities and being able to manage multiple calendars, over 10 different therapists, Camps, daycare, activities, coaching, work schedules etc etc…. but I don’t know what I was thinking when today’s schedule was made… clearly I was either sleep deprived, on another planet or someone highjacked our weekly planner… so this is how our Wacky Wednesday went down…

8:00-9:00 – Physio with Stephanie

Madi & Stephanie have been doing a lot of work with the FES machine to build strength particularly in her left leg and trying to keep that heel down when walking. Madi’s new love is Where’s Waldo so that helped her get through.



9:45-10:30 – Eye appointment

Madison had her yearly check up today and all is well with her eyes. Her script is still the same and no patching is necessary. She was thrilled to not have to get eye drops. She will continue to wear her glasses from morning to night.


11:00 – 3:00 – Conductive Education Camp

Madison continued with her camp at March of Dimes today with her buddy Cruz. The two are enjoying the construction theme this week and are practicing lots of walking!


Last of the day! – Riding Lesson

Madison started her summer riding lessons this afternoon and is now doing a semi-private lesson with her horse Axel. She liked weaving in and out of the pilons to place on some rings and they played red light green light with the horses.


Jack had a much more relaxed day with his friends and enjoyed Water Wednesday! He said his favourite part of the day was smashing water balloons into the grass!




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