Day 1,110: Stitches Out!

Madison went to the dentist today to check on the damage from her fall. She had two X-rays done and the dentist checked out her top two teeth. They are both wiggly but it was decided to leave them for another couple of weeks and see how they heal and then do another set of X-rays.

Madison and JAck also went to see their family doctor tonight for a check up. They both weigh the same! Madison received her 4year shots and then ended up getting her stitches out from her chin because she healed so fast! Jack did great and both got a popsicle when they were done.


Madison has started attempting to leave her walker at home. She has been nervous about walking and not that confident so this has been a big step for her. She has discovered that she likes trying to walk using one cane while holding someone’s hand. Madi is in the process of planning her own party – her “bye bye walker” party will take place very soon.

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