Day 1,099: 1 Year Evaluation!

Evaluation day!
Madison visited the St Louis Children’s Hospital today for her 1 year evaluation.

First she had a PT assessment where she had to do all of the movements she did before SDR and 3 weeks after SDR to do a comparison. They were super impressed with how strong Madison is and her muscle development. They want her to continue working on weight shifting and walking with one tripod cane. She will remain in her AFO’s until PERCS surgery and then move to a hinged AFO and then to her SMO’s again. Flexibility is also a point of focus to help with her stride.

Next up was meeting with Dr Park. He asked about all her hard work over the past year, showed Mommy some stretches and evaluated Madi’s walking. He was very happy with her progress and recommended Madi for PERCS surgery. He asked to see Madison again in 1 year. Dr Park believes that Madison will be an independent walker within one year of having Percs! He also believes that Madison will continue to progress until 10 years of age. He encouraged lots of stretching everyday alongside daily massage.

The final appointment of the day was with Dr Dobbs, an orthopaedic surgeon. He did an assessment of Madison’s abilities and then also recommended Madison have PERCS on her gastroc muscles. He feels it will be the icing on the cake and help her get to the next level. Madison will return to St Louis this summer for surgery. He will then monitor for the next few years to see if she should also have her hamstrings lengthened.

Overall it was a positive visit with everyone and very encouraging for Madison’s future development. We have more insight into focus points for therapy and good next steps with PERCS happening this summer.


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