Day 1,094: 1 Year Spasticity Free!

1 Year!
One year ago today, Madison had her life changing surgery with Dr Park at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital.
12 months later and she is still breaking down walls and working harder than some people experience in a lifetime. It was the best decision we ever made for Madison. Here are some of our wins over the past year:

-potty trained & no longer is constipated
-sleeping through the night
-no more pain!
-able to control her ankles and wiggle her toes
-is ticklish on her feet and legs
-can sit independently in multiple positions
-sit to stand transitions much faster
-balance has improved for both standing and walking
-more flexible
-loudness in voice has increased
-can walk in tall knees
-has actual muscles in her legs!
-can walk in tripod canes in all environments
-can walk with single point canes in protected environments
-can take 100+ steps in her AFOs
-can stand for 10 seconds barefoot
-can take 4 steps barefoot
-only uses walker for outside play and long distances
-has been able to maintain range through serial casting
-learning to ride a bike
-can kick her legs (reciprocated movement) in the pool
-can take 30+ steps in her SMO’s
-tolerates her night braces through the whole night!
-is more coordinated (can now spin and turn at ballet in her walker)
-can rock climb!
-better fine motor control with colouring and printing letters/words
-higher level of endurance
-can walk down stairs using one hand on the banister
-is stronger happier and more confident!!!

It takes a Village!!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Madison over this past year…driving her to appointments/therapies…entertaining Jack while work needed to be done… all the meals… help with scheduling…. motivational gifts for Madi to keep her working hard and non stop messages of love and support.

Madison was able to do over 900 hours of therapy this past year to conquer the list above – thank you for helping us give her that!!!

Madison will continue the hard work towards her ultimate goal – walking independently in all environments!

She leaves for St Louis in a few weeks to meet with Dr Park to do her 1 year follow up assessment and will also be meeting with Dr Dobbs to see if she is a candidate for PERCS surgery for lengthening. We will update everyone when we are there.

Thank you for following our journey!

There is so much to celebrate!

We are thrilled with the progress Madison has made this past year and can’t wait to see what year 2 has in store for her!


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