Day 1,066: The Dreaded Wall

Well we can say that it has officially happened…. I dreaded for years the time when Madison would protest, fight, push back and have her say….she has always done so well with all her therapies and been so engaged and cooperative… but the last few weeks have steadily declined and she has hit the wall…she wants nothing to do with therapy and is firmly holding her ground….we knew this day was coming – she’s 10 months post op and we would probably be having the same reaction if it were us, so we can’t really blame her – so it’s back to the drawing board…we will finish off until next week for March break, go to camp and then vacation and then see what the next plan is…stay tuned. Thank you to our friends at Smile Therapy for being so patient and caring this evening through the meltdowns and tears- you do wonderful work to try and engage and get the work done.



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