1,000 Reasons to Celebrate!

Wow! Today is the 1,000th post! I started this blog as a way to heal and share. We were 4 months in to Madison’s diagnosis and I needed a way to share Madi’s journey with our family and friends to loop everyone in and help calm concerns. It was a way to reflect on the day and celebrate all of the small milestones and victories. 1,000 days of small celebrations! My healing journey also turned into a way to connect with others on similar journeys and share helpful information. I am truly proud of all that has been accomplished through this blog and thank all of you for reading, watching and cheering Madi on.

Today was a special session with Stephanie. Madi filmed all her 6-7 month post op videos for Dr Park. Stay tuned for today’s videos and comparison videos from before the surgery – she has made so much growth!

One thought on “1,000 Reasons to Celebrate!”

  1. Congratulations on your 1,000th post Katherine. Your blog is amazing, I am so proud of your strength and determination. It’s not surprising to see that Madi is as determined and strong, she comes by it honestly.
    Keep on writing.


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