Day 995: The Toronto Sun Christmas Fund

This week marks the launch of the Toronto Sun Christmas Fund for Variety Village.

38 YEARS…Over $1.3 million raised!

“Mike Strobel has always gone above and beyond to shine a light on Variety Village. The quirky Toronto Sun columnist, veteran writer, editor, author, and very good friend of the Village, Mike Strobel took over the reins of the 38 year old Toronto Sun Christmas Fund in 2008 after the passing of fund co-founder and sports journalist, George Gross. With Mike at the helm these past 9 years, he has helped raise the fund total to over $1.3 million. In addition to raising funds, Mike has highlighted some of the amazing things that happen at Variety Village by telling our stories in his columns throughout the year.

Mike continues to help make a difference in the lives of many people with disabilities, and he has been a true champion of Variety Village, our kids, our athletes, our staff and our mission.” (Variety Village Website)

Mike Strobel met up with Madi and Megan at the pool this morning after practice. They took some pictures together to help tell their stories at the Village and how much it means to both of them. Mike is helping to tell their story which is very similar to thousands of kids who access the Village each year. The hopes is that this campaign will help keep everything up and running at Variety Village for many many years to come. Keep your eyes open for the article in Tuesday’s paper. Thanks Mike for all that you do!

If you would like to donate, please do so here:

Link: VV Christmas Fund

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