Day 987: Mommy & Madi Workout

After school Madi and Nana hung out and then went to Grandview for physio with Kate. Madison was thrilled to see Emily there who is on placement right now and learning from Kate – it was an awesome surprise for Madison. 

While Madi was at Grandview, Mommy & Daddy were at Madison’s school for PT interviews. Her teachers reported that she has adjusted well, follows routines, is highly social and is working hard. She knows all her letters and most sounds and has excellent 1:1 correspondence in math. She shows empathy and is very caring. Next steps is continuing to work on her fine motor skills like printing. 


When Madi got home, she headed to the basement to workout with Mommy! Now that Madison has her new home program, she and Mommy will do it together to motivate each other. 



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