Day 956: Seriously Exhausted

Madison had a great day at school. The letter she is practicing this week is “T”. She liked the alphabet book her teacher read today and loved her pizza lunch. She also got her proofs back from her first school photo! Cheese!

After school, Nana and Madison went to Variety Village and had some down time before physio. Nana ordered an excellent book that Mommy will share with Madison’s class on Friday – World CP Day! This is everyone’s advanced notice to search through closets to find some green to wear before Friday! 

Madison did a great job with Stephanie today at physio. She learnt how to walk sideways and they did lots of independent walking.


After physio it was time to pick up Jack and head home. Madison mentioned several times that she was “seriously exhausted” but was excited to get home to see Tiffany! Tiffany and her friend are in school for speech studies and visited/played with the kids for a bit to help with an assignment they are doing. Madison loved the visit!

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