Day 941: Fire Drill!

Madi had her first fire drill at school this morning. She talked about it non stop at the end of the day because she was so interested. She lined up with her class and walked outside and then back in and talked about Fire safety. Her favourite activity in gym class today was bowling and she loved playing Candy Land in aftercare. The letter she worked on today in her language centre was “s”.

After school Madi went to Neurochangers to do some walking. She was tired from school but they did an excellent job trying to keep her engaged so that she could do most of the activity and not need as much assistance. 

After a snack and a break, Madi headed to see Jo-Anne. A new exercise they did today was trying to walk between narrow pieces of wood. This helps her develop a narrower walking pattern with more emphasis on the forward motion of the step to avoid the side to side stepping. 

One thought on “Day 941: Fire Drill!”

  1. You are working so hard at all your new tasks Madi…..both at school and after.
    Katherine…it’s so normal for K’s to be “wiped out” after school…had this conversation with parents today at school.


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