Day 930: Second Day of Jk-bumps and bruises

Madison was looking forward to her first full day with her class. She was up early once again and ready to go.

At school today she raised her hand to share her ideas at calendar and story time, she chose the house centre to play at again and played at the sand table, listening centre and with Mr Potato Head. She also had her OT/PT from CCAC do a school visit to assess her change in needs since the last time they saw her was in April, before her surgery. 

When deciding to fully integrate Madison, we knew that decision would come with some challenges. One of them has been helping Madison navigate the physical space in the school. Last week the kindergarten playground was dug up and updated. Unfortunately it was left with some holes in the asphalt. When Madison was playing at recess today in her Walker she had a big fall. She wasn’t able to use her hands to stop her fall and hit her head. Her team of people were wonderful in helping her settle, ice her head and then go back to class. She was very brave and resilient for joining back into the day. Here is a video of her telling us about her fall.

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