Day 924: Thank you MOD Conductive Education Camp!

Today was Madi’s last day of summer camp. She did a total of 7 weeks of camp this summer at March of Dimes. It was one of the best decisions we made to send her right after her surgery to help with her recovery. They worked every day on very specific goals, practiced lots of walking and had a blast doing different traditional summer camp activities. She is stronger, walking more and is potty trained – it was a wonderful summer of growth. 

Madi was sad to leave her instructors and friends but was excited to go check out her new school! Madi visited her JK classroom and met her classroom teacher and her support teacher. She LOVED her classroom! She played at the kitchen centre, found her hooks and cubby, checked out her washroom and then spent some time on the carpet looking at the calendar and other things with her teacher. It was a positive visit and everyone is excited for Tuesday!

After some down time at home, Madi went to work with Jo-Anne and to show off her hard work to Daddy who watched her for the first time. Daddy was super impressed!


2 thoughts on “Day 924: Thank you MOD Conductive Education Camp!”

  1. Congratulations to Madi for achieving so many goals this summer………..and big congratulations to all of you who have supported her journey so far through your love and caring. She is at the doorway of so many new adventures as she enters school, where I am sure, with her determination, she will continue to thrive.


  2. Madi, you continue to work so hard and it’s been incredible having the opportunity to follow your journey past preschool. Your new teachers and classmates are going to fall in love with you just like all of us at Centennial! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with me Ambos family. Sending you all a great big hug and lots of love.


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