Day 921: Back to Work!

Mommy had her first day back to work today after almost 2 years! Daddy was on his own this morning getting the two crazies dressed, fed, hair done and out the door on time. So much thanks is owed to so many friends and family for helping these past two years, but that’s going to be saved for another day when things settle and arnt so emotional.

Daddy dropped Jack at daycare and then drove Madi to CE camp. The theme this week is pirates! Madi had so much fun decorating a banana like a pirate and she did awesome independent walking – 48 steps!!

Nana picked up Madi from camp and then went home for some lunch. She visited with Papa over lunch and told him all about camp. Nana and Madi then went to a special craft place called Crockadoodle to do some painting!

Madi chose a cupcake shaped jar to paint that she could later put hair clips or elastics in. She had a blast painting!

On their way home, Nana took Madison to her new school to check out the playground. To say she was excited is an understatement. Madi told Nana that she was so excited and that today was the best day ever because she got to see her school. Thanks for the great day Nana!

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