Day 918: More Firsts!

Madi was excited to show Jack her “robot walking” this morning. The two watched Thomas as Madi marched away.

27 minutes, 1080 steps, 520 stairs!



After a great session, Madi headed to VV to work with Stephanie! They did lots and lots of walking! Madi walked all the way from Stephanie’s office to court one in the field house, needing help only two times! The most exciting part of Physio today was watching another first. Madi was able to squat down, pick up a ball, stand back up and then throw it! She was super proud of herself! Thanks Cathy and Mya for all the cheering and support! 


Madi & Jack had a great afternoon with Nana! Lunch, baking cookies, books, colouring & a special shirt for JK! Thanks Nana!

One thought on “Day 918: More Firsts!”

  1. ok….my heart melted when I saw Mya and Madi!!!!! Madi is such a great role model with her perseverance and willingness to keep on working towards her goals. She has come so far and will go far with her determination………….and all the love that surrounds her


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