Day 908: Monday Madness!

Madi started her day with a bang! We are starting to see her skills in therapy transfer into new confidence for moving around the house. Today after getting dressed in bed, she sat up, stood up and took some steps towards her brother who stole her iPad. For most, the morning routine of getting out of bed and ready for the day takes no thought or energy, but for Madi – this new independence and confidence is a first of many new firsts to come.

Madi had a very busy day today. Lots of appointments and therapies – but all very beneficial and helping her to continue moving forwards. 

Madi met with her orthotist Eric who helped fix up her AFO’s. He narrowed the ankle pocket and added a pad to help Madi’s heel stop slipping out. He also sized her SMO’s and planned for her next round of serial casting that will be this Wednesday. 

Next up was riding. Madi did a lot of core work by lying down on her back and sitting up several times. She enjoyed walking around the ring that hasent been used that much this summer because of all the rain.

After some lunch, Madi headed to VV to do some PT with Claire! Their focus today was all core and hip strengthening. Lots of kneeling activities, sitting to stands, stand ups from the floor, deep hamstring stretches and work on the Physio ball. Madi did awesome – she worked every minute!

Madi had a relaxing end to her day visiting with Shannon for a massage. Shannon was able to help Madi’s feet sink right down to the floor by working on her calf muscles and then achilles. They also did some core work together and Madi was walking great after!

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