Day 905: TGIF!

Madi had quite the week. She put in over 12 hours of therapy in 4 days! She had a great week progressing with her canes and strengthening specifically her core and hips. Attending ABM this week helped soften her ankles and feet and she now has more rotation through her trunk. 

She had a great session with Stephanie today. They focused on deep squats and control, independent walking and they tried several braces and footware to decide on next steps for bracing. She tried her SMO braces for the first time. It was very hard for her but we already saw improvement from her first few steps in them to her last. Madi also tried a different Walker with no wheels to slow her down and work on proper gait, but safely. We are still problem solving around what equipment we should suggest to Madi’s school to try and promote proper gait but also be independent and safe. The Walker needs to go, we are just deciding on how to move forward with other devices. 


Madi and Jack had a great play with Nate to end off her week of therapy. 

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