Day 881: Eye Appointment

Madi had an excellent morning at conductive Ed camp! She used her canes or walked independently all morning. They are learning about First Nations and Madi was so interested in making some herbal medicines and dream catchers while working hard on her exercises.

While Madi was at camp, Jack was at the Early Years Centre exploring paints, play dough and free play during toddler time!

After camp Madi headed to Variety Village to work out with her trainer Melissa. They worked hard for an hour walking around the track, climbing and practicing going up and down stairs. She was tired today but loves seeing Melissa and had a super fun time.

It was then time to head to the eye doctor. Mommy and Daddy had no big concerns, but wanted Madi to have her eyes checked before starting school in the fall. Mommy was so glad Madi was looked at because it was discovered that she is extremely far sighted and will most likely need glasses or to do some patching to strengthen some of the eye muscles. Madi has never complained or shown any real issues so it was interesting to find out. She will be going back later this week to do another assessment with drops and decide on glasses. Her only question to the doctor was if she could have pink glasses. 

After the eye doctor Madi picked up some flowers for Nana to celebrate. Nana has had some rough times over the past years. She has been “tethered” to a feed system in a PICC line for most of that time and needed help with her System for all of that time. Her progress since her recent hospital stay has gone very well. Nana’s determination lead to a wonderful event today. Dr Allard and her transplant team think that the TPN is a thing of the past. They are so confident that they removed her PICC today so Madi went over to celebrate!

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