Day 877: Friday Boot Camp

Madi had a super active day and was great! She had energy, was happy & most importantly was proud of herself and her effort.

She had a great morning at conductive Ed camp, did lots of practice with her canes and took 9 steps!

Madi then had a Physio session with Stephanie at Variety Village. The focus was walking! She practiced her independent walking for almost the whole hour! She also did some work on the total gym. Madison was scheduled for another round for serial casting on Monday. After Stelhanie’s measurements today we were able to cancel the casting for now because Madison has been able to maintain the same range since she was last measured in St Louis. She will get measured again in August and as soon as she starts to have a change we will book the casting. 

After Physio, Madi headed to the pool to meet up with Ryan. She was so excited that she swam under water with her goggles and blew lots of bubbles and told Mommy she kicked like a mermaid. 

Mommy did some coaching later in the afternoon, so Madi joined Nate and Jack at Nana’s for a play!

When Madi got home she had a very exciting package in the mailbox. Her case manager from Resources for Exceptional Children sent her a booklet she made to help Madion get ready for Kindergarten! It showed pictures of her school and all the different places in the school she will be during the day, picture of her classroom & teacher and listed all the names to learn. Such a great prep tool!

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