Day 873: Special Moments

Amongst all the craziness of life with non stop appointments, therapies, kilometre after kilometre in the van and lots of hard work, moments like today happen and put everything in prospective. Mommy and Madi shared this moment together today while Jack was napping- it was special and we’re happy we caught it on video. Madi has been working so hard, is now 2 months post op and things seem to be really moving forward and coming together. 

This stool was a great purchase and has really helped Mommy & Daddy to get down to Madi’s level to assist her with walking, standing and even using the potty.

Madi had a great morning at camp doing some great independent steps and she is thrilled that her buddy Ben is at camp too! Madi also had riding today and had lots of fun. Her voice was loud and she was so confident leading her horse in the ring and outside. She also opened the barn door on the way out and shocked Mommy she could push that weight.

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