Day 858: Popsicles 

Today when Madi got up there was no change from how she had been feeling the last couple of days. She didn’t want to eat or drink, was super quiet and didn’t say much, cried cause her tummy hurt, wasn’t able to go to the washroom and fell back asleep after only being awake for an hour. Mommy had enough of waiting around for Madi to rebound this past week so Mommy took Madi to the hospital to get some answers. Triage took her in right away and after some blood work, urine samples and several physicals – they couldn’t figure it out and chalked it up to a virus that she would have to just ride out. The only thing she would eat for them was a popsicle. She slept the whole time at the hospital and slept the rest of the day at home. The doctor wants her back at the hospital Monday to see if she has improved. They were efficient and did a great job with her.

Around dinner time she woke up and seemed a bit more herself. She was chatty and had a little bit of dinner. She decided she wanted another Popsicle so her and Jack went outside to have one. After a few minutes she was ready to go back upstairs to bed. Hopefully she sleeps well tonight and rebounds tomorrow.

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