Day 852: Happy Father’s Day!

Madi and Jack woke up nice and early to wake Daddy up for Fathers Day! They each made him something special and wrote in his Daddy’s Day book that they share together each year.

Daddy and Grampa spent Father’s Day working on a project in the garage so Madi and Jack left for most of the day and went for breakfast and a play at the beach with Nate and to celebrate Papa and Uncle Mark.

When leaving the park a little girl followed Madison to a bench and the two girls visited together. She asked Madi why she had her walker and Madi told her it helps her walk. The little girl told Madi her name and that she had a baby brother. Madi then told the girl about Jack so they were the same. They giggled and then Madi said bye and walked out with Papa. That one conversation brought so much ease to Mommy’s heart for kindergarten in the fall. 

When the garage project was finished, Madi and Jack visited with Grandpa. 

Happy Father’s Day!

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