Day 845: Auntie Em to the Rescue!

Madi & Jack were up bright and early and ventured into Aunt Emily’s room to wake her up. After some time lying around everyone ventured downstairs to breakfast, got some stuff done, opened some presents and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s for birthday celebrations. 

Aunt Emily and Daddy celebrated their birthday’s having a BBQ and playing in the backyard. No Physio today…just down time and enjoying the weather.

The kids were wiped out from the sun and slept for two hours when they got home. Aunt Emily helped Mommy re-organize both Madison and Jack’s rooms by sorting and boxing up all their clothes from the past year, cleaned out their closets and made Madison’s room much more accessible to promote independence and to help her develop some of her self help skills like getting dressed or brushing her hair. Thank you Aunt Emily for helping get the house back in order!

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