Day 840: Frozen Goodies!

Madi and Jack had an awesome start to their day. Their newest cousin Callum visited with bags full of frozen meals for the next few weeks! A big thank you to Patrick, Heather, Molly and Callum for organizing frozen dinners to help us out as we settle into new routines being home. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Shortly after their baby snuggles, Jack headed to daycare and Madison went to Physio at Grandview. Today she did lots of walking in her walker, practiced going up and down stairs, used a mirror to watch herself do standing and did some side stepping.

Madi and Mommy then went to Madi’s new school to pick up her registration package for after school daycare. When she got home she had some time before picking Jack up, so she hit her gym for some treadmill walking and some sit to stand activities.

Madi and Jack ended their day with a visit to Shannon’s for a massage. They are big fans of Netflix during massage. Madison was so relaxed afterwards she settled into several sitting positions so naturally. It was beautiful to see.

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