Day 837: Back in the Pool!

Madi had a rough start to her day… Lots of time outs from poor behaviour which was clearly from the lack/little to no sleep she got the night before. Once she ended up napping in the morning (she was clearly exhausted) and having a big meal she slowly bounced back to herself and the day then moved forward.

While Madi was dealing with her challenges at home, Jack played at Pam and Medfords and didn’t stop moving or playing the whole time. 

Madison then met up with her friend Mya at Variety Village for a play in the multi sensory room. It was Madi’s first visit back to VV since returning from her surgery … Amazing feeling to be back!

After their chill time together, they headed to the pool for Madi’s first lesson back with Ryan. They tried her leg Gaitors in the water to help her knees stay straight and to try kicking from her hips. She did some bobs, some side stepping and lots of walking.

Once Madi and Jack were home they had some dinner and then headed out for a bike ride!

One thought on “Day 837: Back in the Pool!”

  1. I was sorry to have missed Madi at VV yesterday………..loved the pics of Mya & Madi playing together. Mya was so excited about the visit


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