Day 830: Last Physio in STL

Madi was up early, along with everyone else to head to the hospital for her last Physio session in St Louis. She did some video tape work to show her walking, worked on the treadmill and did great work in her canes. Madison loved all her sessions at therapy and will miss it. 


After Physio Madison stopped by the gift shop to pick up some souvenirs for back home, took her picture in front of the hospital sign and went by The Ronald McDonald House. The family had lots of things left over from the trip so Madi made a donation to help other families using the house just like she did. 

Later in the day Madi checked out the outlets for some shopping and big sales! She picked out lots of clothes for kindergarten in the fall! She did lots of great walking in her walker!

2 thoughts on “Day 830: Last Physio in STL”

  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing medical journey. So very happy that Madi is doing so well. What a fantastically supportive family she has. God bless you all.


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