Day 805: Dr. Park!

Today was a wonderful day. During a time that most people would feel stressed or anxious, we felt the most calm and ready. Dr Park met Madison today and assured us that the decision we have made is the best for her and her future. He was wonderful! Caring, calm, funny and so good with Madison. He watched her move, felt her legs, talked about her medical history and told us that all his original predictions for her are still the same. Having the surgery will allow her to have better postures, smoother transitions, be pain free and spasticity free and ultimately walk independently in all environments – in fact he feels she will be walking within the next year and believes she will make progress quickly. He also believes she will be able to be active in many different physical activities throughout life. Once the spasticity is removed, he will be able to get a better assessment of the length of her heel cords and hamstring muscles and determine if she should have serial casting done. He will know on Friday and if she needs it done she will get the casting next week. We will travel back to St Louis at her one year anniversary for a follow up and also see if PERCS muscle lengthening surgery will be needed when she is 5. 

Madi had her Physio assessment today and ordered new AFO’s, SMO’s, night braces, pink canes and walking sticks. 

Madison was awesome today! She was brave and did whatever was asked of her. Even though she is only three, we feel she has a very good idea that all of this that is happening right now will help her and she is very trusting of that – such an amazing little girl!

Thank you to everyone for all of your messages today and all of your support and love since the start of this journey almost a year ago. 

We are so ready for tomorrow!

We would appreciate prayers and well wishes starting at 7:30 tomorrow morning.


2 thoughts on “Day 805: Dr. Park!”

  1. I’m reading your post at 7:35pm on May 2nd, and if my calculations are correct, Madi had her surgery this morning. Many many prayers are being said for her, as well as your family right now. I met Madi once at the DLDA studio and told her then that she was my hero. I need to fix that – you and your family are all heroes in my eyes. The love and support, and all you have done to get Madi to this point is amazing. I pray that everything went as predicted today and that God will continue to bless Madi with a speedy recovery and continued success on this journey.


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